Monday, January 3, 2011


Patricia McConnell has asked about that on her blog. She suggested to be VERY specific. With 43 comments I think very few were specific. Mine? SPECIFIC!! I vowed to be specific and I was. I said my resolution for 2011 for my dog was -

Play tug with Spur once/week in the presence of a dog not in our pack. He is crazy tugger at home. In the presence of other dogs? He can barely do it. We have worked on it, but sometimes I just resort to using food rewards or tossing the ball. That was even hard for him, but he is much better about that now. So, I want to get his comfort level tugging in public increased.

I also have goals for myself, but they are not specific. Get in better shape. Friday's agility work showed how quickly I can get into poor condition. YIKES! So, we moved the treadmill back to the spare bedroom so I can watch TV while doing it. After our walk with the dogs this morning I did 20 minutes. What failed me last year was my goal of a 1/2 hour on it running. It really isn't a running treadmill, although it does go fast enough. It just isn't a wide enough tread area and I have trouble with balance. So, last winter I got discouraged and quit. This year I am going to settle for mixing speed walking and running and see how I do. I did great this morning. A full 20 minutes!! Success!! Lowering my expectations may sound weak, but it actually may work for me. I may meet my goals if I give myself goals I can easily attain!!! :D

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