Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nitro, RIP little guy...........

One of my most favorite agility dogs to watch.......Nitro, the papillon. He and his person were such a wonderful team to watch. When little Spur was just a year old Deb and I sat Nitro and Spur side by side. They were the same height and weight. We decided Spur must have some papillon in him.

Nitro was hit by a car yesterday and passed away at only 7 1/2 years old. He has a LONG list of accomplishments. He was a champion agility dog and always a dog to watch! We hoped to be like him and Deb out there some day on the course. A wonderful team!! Nitro came from the same breeder who owned the famous Kirby, who won Westminster a while back.

I am so sad.....................the agility community has suffered a great loss and Deb has asked that everyone hug their dogs in honor of Nitro. Please, hug your dogs and be thankful for every day you have with them. Nitro left us far too soon and my heart is heavy today..................such a terrible loss.

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