Monday, January 10, 2011

Torture tags? Or license tags? Or some sort of joke, like how funny is that dog with the bullseye!!

It's like nearly 1/4 the size of his collar, for crying out loud!He might end up like the dog on the Grinch. Tipping over and walking on his front legs. It's a JOKE!!!
We never use tags. I can't stand clanking, dangling, clinking, obnoxious "jewelry" on my dogs. If I were a dog, PLEASE do not load me down with tags. Especially a 9lb dog!! Put a name plate on my collar, so I can live in peace. I know dogs get used to it, the sound of metal to metal, the whapping of their necks as the tags bang around, but seriously Muffin Heads.........Would YOU want that flopping around as you navigated life, every single minute you moved? Clanking and banging and whapping you in the neck? I think not. But, you - know it is the law. Technically the law. I keep my tags in my purse and have lovely little name plates with the dog's name and our phone number on them. To me, if I were a dog, that's what I would want. Sorry law.

Yesterday we did more running contacts at a new place. I have video, but I figured out how to capture stills from video. I am getting SO techno geeky!!!! Stills from video aren't that great, but he does LOOK fast, A?
We had moments of brilliance, but being this is a fairly new place - he has been here a few times before and been on this dog walk twice before - he was a bit slower and had more stride adjustments. Although, interestingly the stride adjustments occurred on the up and top. Down ramp had more speed and fewer adjustments. The last session at HT's he was two strides up and two/three on top, then stride adjusting on the down. He's an interesting subject, little Spur-minator!!

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