Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lots of discussion going on lately and it's odd, just odd.

Odd discussions. Counting dead birds or strides on the dog walk. What? Actually, it seems like there should be MORE discussion about dead birds, but I haven't seen any. Why are all those birds dying?? And fish?? We saw birds at the beach today. I didn't count them.

Spur's strides are interesting to count. A this new place his striding is very different. I think ultimately I want a six stride dog walk. I think that's an attainable goal. I have seen him do that. Two strides up is pretty common. At HT's every time he was two strides up. Then on the top he would be either two or three. On the down I think we only had one that was two strides.

At FF, the new place? He wasn't that fast on the up or the top. I think maybe the jump was too close, too worrisome, perhaps I should have started him with a tunnel? Whatever, he did increase speed as we did reps. His strides down were three each time, but they were faster.

Slo mo -

Any ideas about the birds? I mean, seriously, Muffin Heads, dead birds are falling from the sky!!! It's just not right!!!!

Strides on the dog walk. Do you think that could be the title of a book?

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