Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's just plain COLD!

Hee, hee, figured out capturing a still from video again. I am becoming SO savvy!!! Love these shots. He is driving ahead, not looking at me good, solid hits. I can use these as visualization exercises, right?

Damn, he has crazy hair! The dry, electric air has his fur doing crazy things. I love his crazy, tossled look!!
Not sure why I like this photo. The dried corn stalks act like a snow fence along our path. I hope it warms up enough for us to go visit them again soon.
Although, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be yesterday. I armed my mittens with warmer packets, put toe warmers in my boots, wore my heavier lined winter pants, 3/4 length down coat with faux fur hood, I was fine! I managed to pick up poop without taking off my mittens. Not an easy task, but I got er done!! How silly is that to be proud of my ability to pick up shit with mittens on. It's a skill few people have, so I SHOULD be proud! And I trained myself to do it, so I take full responsibility on my awesome skill!

While it is warmer this morning.........4 degrees instead of -11, it may feel colder. There is no sun right now. In fact, it is snowing. OI!!!!

I know I complain about the heat in the summer because there is really no getting away from it. In the winter, when it's brutally cold, I can still get warm. Which would I prefer? Um, not really sure. I can actually DO things when it's brutally cold. I can light the woodstove and train the dogs inside, I can paint my mom a painting I promised her for Christmas, I can DO things around my woodstove! In hot weather, I totally melt. I melt into a complaining, sweaty, complaining, irritated, complaining hot grumpy, complaining bitch. I can't function in the heat. So, really? What would I prefer. Um, maybe not THIS cold, and maybe not with THIS much snow, that all adds up to dogs who drive me nuts because they can't get out to exercise, but the heat is bad, too.

So, if we had lovely fall weather all the time, what would that be like? Bliss? Maybe!! But, then we would have nothing to complain about.

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