Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow shoeing with The Littles!

My friend Cindy has five dogs. Two of them are under 15lbs, three are over 15lbs. "The Littles" are the two under 15lbs. She has her "Bigs" and her "Littles".

Our pack yesterday? All except maybe George, the border terrier who is around 18lbs, are all "littles". Spur and Douce, the shihtzu, are both around 15lbs, so barely making "little" status, I guess. Oh heck, let's just call any dog under 20lbs a "little"!!

Our pack of Littles out for a winter snow shoe! Colby forges on in the lead. Hard for her PRA deteriorating eyes to adjust and see in this kind of light, so she stays out of the pack craziness. She doesn't like being plowed into and just can't see well enough to protect her space. Roscoe's tootsies only got cold when we made it through the shaded woods. In the bright sun, he was OK.'s about 6 out right now and supposed to be high of 17. Maybe even too cold for Spur today. >:/ Yesterday, we had fun.......

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