Thursday, January 6, 2011

The light!

It may seem cold and grey out this time of year, but on occasion the light makes everything GLOW!! It was cold. Roscoe was cold, but the sun may have warmed him a little. My fingers were cold, so I wasn't very good at steadying the camera and making sure the focus box was on the dogs, but still you can see the glow. Poor Colby had to nearly close her eyes, she was squinting so.........
Spur radiates...........
He is SUCH a pretty dog!! He looks so mature and serious!

The grass in the near pasture was never mowed one last time, so it's thick and full of smells and rodent caches and nests. The dogs find the craziest things. A hamburg bun the other day. A rodent cache or maybe crow cache? Not sure the crows cache stuff, but I know the rodents do. We will find little "nests" full of seeds and dried berries and hamburg buns!

Yesterday was a tough day, thinking about Deb and Nitro. Having had a tragic death before I know how difficult it is. I feel SO bad for her. She has told me she can't sleep and is having a really difficult time. I cried a lot for her yesterday. Nitro was definitely her neediest dog and loved her perhaps more than her others. I say that only because I have held her dogs while she runs the other and none are as jealous and needy as Nitro. He was over the top needy. And they were SUCH a great team. I know she was planning on the AKC Nationals with him this year. Big plans, ............all gone.

I think it has hit me hard because Nitro reminds me a little of Spur. They have the same facial markings, are the same size. Are screaming, crazy needy mamma's boys. Of course, Spur and I don't have that same connection, .......yet. But there are some similarities. I can not imagine losing Spur at 7 1/2 years old. It is just tragic.............

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