Saturday, January 15, 2011


It may not look painful, but after that packs in really firm, melts a little so it forms an ice ball of sorts, it hurts!! Spur and I went snow shoeing yesterday and he had a BALL!! Damn, forgot to bring my camera! He was charging along in the deep snow!!
His paws were due for a trim, so he had more little fluffy hair there then I like anyway and it balled up quickly between his toes. Poor little guy did really well, but on occasion would limp along in frozen pain. So, we promptly got to work trimming and snipping those hairs when we returned. They looks kind of chopped now, but not too bad. I could trim more and make them look worse, but we will head out again today and see how this trimming does. I may also try the paw wax or hair gloss.
The snow shoeing was AWESOME and he had SO much fun. All by himself, charging ahead, brave soldier! He used to worry when I strapped things on my feet and would trot along behind me. Especially if I had to leave the Pin Heads home, which I did yesterday. Too cold for them, poor things. They wanted to go SO badly. They have been bored since our beach walk on Tuesday, but their tiny furless legs/paws simply get too cold and they are miserable. Hard to explain that to them as we head out the door, tossing them a dried sweet potato chew. Colby simply drops it and looks longingly at us. Sorry girlie! Not your time.

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