Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spur's obedience run-through today

Video is SO helpful! I see our gaps so clearly!! First, my footwork is in bad need of adjustment. That BIG first step I take is annoying and I do it out of the turns, too. I do want him driving out of the turns, but if he better understand the position I don't think that big step is necessary. Annoying!! Leaves the poor guy in the dust on the "forward". And Spur isn't ready for this much duration, and speed. I need to work on that slower and more progressively. Silvia's DVD addresses that, so we will be working on her steps more sequentially, slowly adding speed in smaller increments, and the jackpots for duration. And I haven't been as good about rewarding eye contact, but he seems to be doing OK with that. It could be better because he is a bit distracted wanting to visit the stewards and judge. Little social butterfly!!!

Still, he did OK for not having done this work in a while. We do Rally, but it is a bit different. Way more going on in Rally, since our Rally class is in the TINIEST rooms. We hardly ever do fast speed, and there is not much time between Rally stations. And he did this without the Pin Heads for support. Sadly, I left them home. That's my homework. Get Spur out alone on occasion as he seems so dependent on the Pin Heads for support. I SO wish I had Colby there doing the Utility. She SO loves that. And Roscoe would have LOVED an Open routine! Oh well. It was good for Spur. He did a little bit of tugging. I was off to the side where no one was around, but at least he did some. :D My New Year's resolution. Tug in strange places with other dogs around once/week.

Tomorrow, all three get to play at Shannan's.

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