Friday, August 3, 2012

Been MIA. Had company. That's my story.

My mom, her BF, my aunt, mom's dog were all here for a family visit. Arrived on Monday, left on Wednesday. OK, why during the week? I have no idea. But, it meant I had to work AND entertain company. Our house is big enough and comfy and appealing so summer means company. We have more coming in a week. That's just how it goes. We like family, but boy does it tire us out. Lots of big dinners, trips out on the boat. Fun stuff, but I SO enjoy my alone time once they are gone!

One boat ride had us going past this beautiful osprey. Hard to focus with the boat gently rocking.
 Roscoe LOVES his boat rides!!! He even starts to act normal and happy and nice!!

 See Roscoe tucked into the throw on my lap?
 Kaiya, my sister's new pup. She is probably about 7 months old and about 30lbs. They insist she is only 20 lbs, but NO way, she's much bigger than this photo looks. She is about 18 inches tall!!! Probably a pug, sharpei mix of some sort. She has that sharpei hair and curly tail. She joined in the fun one day for lunch. OI! Add a puppy to the mix and all hell breaks loose. LOL!!! The Pin Heads were NOT impressed.
Now to do some laundry and clean bathrooms.

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