Thursday, August 23, 2012

Very, VERY busy work week!!!

Lots of extra kitty visits this week as people are doing their last vacation time, I guess.

So, for now you will have to settle for watching my idol, Laura Dolan and Racer, at AKC World Team practice this week in California. We did team with them at USDAA Nationals last year. Race won the Performance Championship, and then this spring he won the 12" AKC Nationals. At barely three he is a triple National Champion! Amazing fast team. Laura is maybe the best handler I know. She knows exactly what her body is doing at all times. She can run FREAKY fast!!! Love watching her run! Race is amazing, too, but Laura is the one I watch first, then sometimes I watch Race, LOL!!! That she ran that opening line just blows me away! WOW!

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