Friday, August 17, 2012

My poor garden

It seems like it was simply a bad year for bugs. First, I must have some cut worms as several plantings of beets just never came up. Strange thing, though, it was only the beets. Oh and some of the swiss chard. I can't even grow swiss chard???? Now I have vine borers in my zukes and cukes. The cukes are managing to continue to produce some, but they look sad. So far, they have not reached my summer squash, but probably that is just a matter of time. My friend calls them "maggoty culprits". Yep, that's what they are, disgusting grubs that turn the base of the plant to mush. Gross.

We did have plenty of cukes. Enough to toss the dogs some. Not sure why Spur has to make such a face when he eats cukes. Roscoe just EATS them. It's funny, really, you would think I just tossed him some steak, he gets all excited and chomps it down. Spur.........makes this face...........

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