Thursday, August 9, 2012

I have a new respect for our trial photographers!

Action shots are HARD!!! 

 Curious that the ball seems in focus?????

 Barking with his head forward? His usual is head bend almost backwards, LOL!! But, he didn't want to take his eye off the ball!!!

 A rare miss!!

Company arrives tomorrow, again. OI! My list? Clean, clean, clean and clean some more and then.......mow, mow, mow some more. Hopefully, Rich will help. Just spent WAY too much money at the grocery store. It has been two weeks and we had NOTHING to eat except for some stale cereal. I threw that away. There might be some stale crackers, too. I probably should test them before putting out crackers and cheese this weekend. :O The humidity is ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

I don't relish rain for the weekend, but I am glad to get it after reading about the farmers in most of the country. Very sad situation. I feel very bad for the cows and other livestock. Nothing to eat and no corn being harvested. It is going to be a very tough situation.

No farms, no food, no rain, no food. Our farmers are sure struggling right now. Be nice to your farmer and pray for rain in the middle of the country.

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