Sunday, July 29, 2012

We had a great time yesterday playing with Rankin and Shona!

We went to a friend's to work on Rankin's running dog walk. Spur did some and then some of our homework. Then they swam in the pond!!! Spur has been too intimidated to swim with the big dogs, but he is getting more comfortable with Rankin. They look like twinsies!! Spur = 13lbs. Rankin = 50lbs. You can sure see the aussie in Spur when next to Rankin!!!

 I guess one closes their eyes when one yells that loud? Like sneezing?

 Mirror image? Rankin is missing the stripe on his head.

 Shaking off the pond cooties!

 Huh, no neck?
 Then I went blueberry picking!!! With a little help from Kathy I got 6lbs in about 20 minutes!!! YUM!!!!

Spur's "homework" away from home. Working on some "pushes". And then is his first time attempting a 6 hit DW. :O Didn't work, but good effort Little Man!!! ........

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