Friday, August 24, 2012

Poor Roscoe has a bladder infection

Kept me up all night Wednesday night. Up to pee every two hours. Brought a sample in first thing in the morning. OK, so here's the thing.......male dogs don't usually get bladder infections. So, why? My friend Karen's MinPin Kuna just passed away this summer after a battle with bladder cancer. Huh. This sounds a bit similar.

We are going to do the two weeks of antibiotics, then three days before testing his urine again. They might be able to see cancer cells in the urine, but maybe not. Then further testing would be needed. I'm thinking this could have been going on a while? Why was he sore and grumpy this spring? Why did the metacam help so much and even get him hiking Sugarloaf? Maybe it wasn't soft tissue, but his bladder? Metacam is one treatment they use for bladder cancer. Kuna was on it for a year. He lived far longer then they expected. Roscoe is old, so this is a concern. He already seems better so far after three doses of antibiotics, but if it is cancer we have a bit of work to do to help him somehow. Sigh...............old dogs..................


  1. Hope you are feeling better Roscoe. Metacam is the drug of choice around here right now for Gussy too. Hopefully just the antibiotics are doing the trick.

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