Friday, August 31, 2012

More Silvia homework!

We worked on course 2b, which we had only done in parts before. He looked good! The only thing she said was I could use my wrap cue on 5, but he did fine without it. I SO struggle with getting my verbals out!
She said to keep working on his tunnel/dw discrimination and the little wrap set up. She loved his weaves! I think he gets all excited because I use my jackpot voice when he nails that entry! Not his favorite side, but he sure does fine! Go figure! :D

And, OHMYGOD, just to show you that cats CAN be trained, check this out............

SO awesome!!!!


  1. I think you do a pretty good job of using verbals! After so many people train us to run almost silent, I'm having a hard time trying to use more verbals on course with Vito. I know he likes it when I do though!

  2. Thanks Laura, Lance and Vito! Yeah, the whole verbal thing is a tough one. Think, run, watch dog, remember course, breath AND speak?. What??? LOL!!! Spur likes it loud and crazy! I think ultimately he would like constant chatter and cheering and certainly more jackpot voice, he sure gets a rocket up his butt in the weaves during this practice when I am so happy he got that hard entry so nicely!