Sunday, August 19, 2012

The ladies almost stumbled from their bindings

What? The very large breasts of a young girl we met on our morning farm walk.When Rich asked me what I was talking about I almost choked. Nate burst out in laughter and looked me in the eye with brows raised. Yep, Rich just asked me what I meant. I was trailing behind them and had a good view, because I had the boys to attend to as she was passing us with her old sheltie. Of course, she has to pass us and not take the long way around and avoid us, so I am stuck with two asshole dogs ready to go OFF on her nice sheltie. She bent over to pat George before passing along towards us. I had a good view, probably better than the guys did. The ladies nearly didn't hold!!! Seriously, I thought............OH.............MY.........GOD.........they are busting out in one second, either now or as she stands up. Then what? What would we all do??? Nate knows her from driving the school bus. I only recognized her dog, who her mother usually walks. 

Is it the hormones in the beef? Milk? Why does that happen to young girls. She is very pretty, but damn I would not want to tote those around my whole life. However, at her age, with her obvious choice of very much appreciated her girls. And trusted them to stay put. I didn't. I was quite impressed they stayed put. WOW!!!! As she ages I really think she won't appreciate them as much as she does right now. Her back will hurt, her pocket book will suffer from the cost of bras. Damn. Of course, Rich points out that my tiny tots are just fine (as tiny as they are......OK, so he didn't say it like that) and he didn't need them that big. I do believe him because seriously he would not want me buying bras to hold up those ladies. Those are not cheap bras! Was she wearing a bra? I am not totally sure. Coverage was minimal and control was iffy, that is for sure. Yet, she seemed unconcerned and never even straightened her top.


OK, enough about the nearly naked ladies. I didn't get a photo. It all happened so fast.

Here are my California poppies closing up for the night. Love them!!!!

 I don't even remember taking this photo of Colby, but it is kind of artistic and cool.

We practiced our ball rolling. Just not quite getting it, yet. She gets the idea to stand on it, but rolling it isn't quite in her understanding at this stage. She sure thinks it is a fun game, though!!
I supposed bonking it with her nose was just to try something else? "What do you want, MA, stand on it or touch with my nose?" I don't know, why she did this........
Spur wanted a try. He always wants a try on the ball.
He pushed her off and she then tried targeting it with her hind foot. LOL!!!
She got it back..........
And was QUITE clear that it was HER ball and to "buzz off Twinkle Toes!!!"
Stella had her try, but she was NOT a happy camper. The riffle range was active. Totally ruins her day.

Roscoe decided his best course of action was to grab some treats from Lisa's bag while she was busy with Douce. I think he was successful!!


  1. What is a riffle range? RIFLE range??? LOL!!

  2. OMG-I am dying laughing over here, Amy. The narrated action shots, the riffle range, the girls, you crack me up! I read it's from endocrine disruption from chemicals that mimic hormones in the body from the plastics off-gassing. You know that new plastic smell-BAD!!! No plastic toys for my peanut!