Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catching my breath!

Company has gone and no more in sight. YAY!!! Love our family, but boy does it get old having people in the house needing attention. We are just not used to it. Roscoe is such a pain, and the barking starts to really get old. He does fine, no one gets bit, but it is a constant battle to keep him quiet and relaxed and the chaos just starts to wear on us.

Plus, my house needs cleaning. Clean before, clean after. I am always cleaning these days. Company just means more cleaning, plain and simple, more people, more dirt, more laundry. And the dogs need baths and nail trims. They have all be enjoying good rolls in worms lately. It's raining, again. No baths unless it is sunny for drying outside and fresh worm rolling. Maybe this weekend, dog baths.
 Spur very much enjoys a good worm roll. He drools. So, not only does he end up smelling like worms (which isn't so bad, they are just digested dirt, right?), but he gets covered in drool. His mouth foams. It's an odd process, but in the end, isn't he pretty?..............
The Pin Heads don't drool, they just roll.

Will my house get cleaned today? Nah..........instead I am off with my sister and niece to go clean a friend's house whose husband is in the hospital. People are bringing her food, but I am not much of a cook, so I offered to clean instead. I have some time this morning before my walks, so off to clean her house. Will 16 year old niece show up? Hmmm, I wonder.

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