Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Damn it, the leash chased him!!

Rich had Spur on the flexi and dropped it. Of course, then it zipped up close to him and he took off with it dragging behind him. Chasing him!! This happens on occasion with a leather leash, but not quite as scary. Still scary, once it happened after I first got him home and he RAN FOR THE HILLS!! Seriously, scared. This morning he was seriously scared, but he had his wits about him enough to come to us for rescue. 

Poor little buggar sure has his worries. But, this time he also recovered really quickly. We unleashed him and gave him cookies and told him how brave he was. Then headed on our way. 

Yesterday I was tossing him his ball and he was doing his "ball dance". I thought I could get it on film, but nope all I manage was him barking or in play bow. Still cute. He's ALWAYS cute!! :D

 Kind of not the best lighting, but oh well........
 The flash went off for this one. That's a happy smile!

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