Monday, August 13, 2012

More company!

We had Rich's brother and girlfriend for the weekend. Packed them up yesterday and Rich's folks arrive today for two days. Phew, laundry, cleaning, event coordinating is wearing us out!! But, I did get the afternoon yesterday to do some agility with Spur. We haven't trained in ages because it is TOO DAMN HOT AND HUMID around here. And too wet. Goodness, I sure would like to give some rain to the mid-west. WE are saturated here. Our sump pump is going off. That is SO unusual in August????? Everything is damn and moldy and "rotten". It is definitely getting OLD and I am very much looking forward to fall AND, yes, even winter. I know how to get warm. I don't know how to stay cool. And I am SO out of shape from not jogging any because of this weather. I simply and NOT the type who will head out there no matter what. Yeah, I know, warm is good for the muscles, but I just melt in the heat and humidity. I hate it. So, I was VERY disappointed in my lack of breathing capacity running Spur on this course. I tried like heck to be more upbeat and motivating the second time and it sure did help him, but then I could barely breath, damn it! I submitted this to Silvia for our course work. Waiting to hear what she says. I think he does better the second time, but I am not so happy with how I end up so far ahead and then standing still. I need to adjust MY speed better for him. He is learning to handle that OK, but still the more I can be WITH him, the better. I think my cues are early enough and all that, but I am TOO early with my position and then I end up just static at the next obstacle SO often!! Oi! I ran in my rubber boots which wasn't a good idea because the ONE place I was not too far ahead (before the frame) was because I was in rubber boots and could not get traction on the damp grass. Idiot.

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