Monday, August 27, 2012

Spur's weekend trial! Nicely done Spur-minator!

Two Double-Q's with very nice runs! Only have two on video. My friend Don said he got Sunday's standard, but it wasn't there. Did he turn the camera on? He must have how could he see anything in the screen if it wasn't on. So, what did he do? He didn't take a picture, there isn't a picture? I don't know, but I now know for Don I will use my iPad. He had an iPad and is quite good with it. In fact, at lunch he gave me a tutorial of iPad use. Awesome, really, some GREAT apps I loaded and some fun ideas of what to do with my iPad. Don least old enough to be my father! He's very hip. Runs two dogs in agility and had more apps on his iPad than anyone I know! I have known Don for years, he is the nicest guy and he LOVES his dogs. Fun spending time with him at trials. I sure hope that I am doing what he is doing when I am his age. He is certainly fun to watch, his dogs are very fast. Great fun trial!!!

Spur ran REALLY well. Still not breaking 4 yps on standard or 5 yps on jumpers, BUT his starts were awesome and we felt connected the whole time!!! He placed in every run. Placements are 1-4, so if the THREE National Champions all qualify we MIGHT get fourth. That is if Jones isn't there. Jones can't beat Race, but he can beat the other NC's. Max the Invitational Jack Russell often beats us, Max is really fast. It sure seems like Spur's class now has some INTENSE competition. Spur was not 10 seconds slower than Race, but only 6 consistently all weekend. He was only 3 seconds behind Sparkle, last years NC's. So, it was a GREAT trial.

Another fun thing at this trial - I kept getting comments from strangers. People I don't know coming up to me and saying how awesome Spur is and how fast and happy and fun to watch. That just makes my heart SWELL!! Entering the ring in jumpers yesterday one of the ring crew at the table, some guy I have never seen before, says to the others at the table........."Oh, I LOVE this dog!! He is so much fun to watch!!". I could not beam with more pride!!!! :D That is truly what it is all about!!!

Here are two runs.........

What was fun about this trial is how happy he was the WHOLE time. I never felt he was really bummed about anything. AND notice on his standard I am not asking for a thing on the table. This is AKC and they don't have to do anything. My latest plan is to just de-stress the table and NOT ask for a thing for a while. Even in USDAA I am going to not qualify by not asking. Of course if he goes down I'll celebrate, but he hasn't offered that. I am not even looking at him. In this standard you will notice his butt start to go down, then he stands up again. So, he THOUGHT about it!!! That's pretty bit! All by himself, he thought about it. His table at down now. Awesome at class, really fast downs. Auto-downs. We have it at home now. I'm grasping here, but whatever, it FEELS better not to ask for anything at trials. I HATE having to yell at him to go down. We have our five standards in USDAA for his championship, so whatever. If he never does another down on the table, whatever. I am at that point. I HATE how hit hurts our relationship and I totally own the issue. I made it, I own it. I caused this stress and here we are in this situation. So, whatever. It felt GREAT not to ask him for anything and he sure was happier! Thank you AKC. Damn you USDAA. I did write them and only heard back from one person.........."It was how it was done when the sport originated in England". I wrote back.........."If we never changed anything, how boring life would be".

USDAA the ONLY venue in THE WORLD requiring a down on the table.


  1. That happens to me with my video camera all the time! I think people confuse the RED for recording and instead think Green should be recording like "go" in a stop light!

    He's looking so fast!!! I'm sure the downs will come now that's he's doing so well in practice!

  2. Thanks Laura, Lance and Vito!! I think he really does LOOK fast, even though his times are not super fast. The two of us simply LOOK really fast and it's a funny thing. I get so many people saying how fast he is, but his times are just not THAT fast, LOL!! I think we both are trying as hard as we can and it shows. :D