Monday, August 6, 2012

I don't feel well

And, no, I am not sick. I just don't feel good in this weather. And, yeah, how can I complain when parts of Oklahoma are 116, making the "hottest spot in the world" last week. Melting glass street lamps. 

I felt lucky over the weekend trialing indoors in A/C. So cool I had to wear a light jacket. YEAH!! LOVED that!!!! But, this was the nice trial I like so much that gets me home by 2:00 and with time to do stuff at home. I mowed the lawn and it just about did me in. And I don't even mind mowing. But, the humidity at nearly 80% is brutal. I felt sick. 

Friday we went out on the boat for Happy Hour. Lisa brought Douce. Douce gets car sick. He wasn't too happy on the boat. His photos show that I think. If he were a human he might look pale and washed out? Green? He looks, well, not great. Maybe to you he looks fine? I know he was not happy and felt like crap. Poor guy. 

Roscoe? Roscoe LOVES the boat!!!! He is absolutely fascinated with it. And is perhaps at his happiest on the boat!!! He watches the lobster bouys in the water, the moorings, the ducks and seaweed. He LOVES the boat!!!! We don't even take the other two any more because it is Roscoe's special time. He is Rich's First Mate!!! :D He will even let Lisa hug him on the boat. Hahahaha, not biting, just happy Roscoe!!!

The clouds rolled in and threatened storms. They petered out. They made the sky incredible and it just doesn't show on film.

 Yesterday I captured this blue bird bathing. Makes me want a pool!!! The bird bath was busy yesterday, but I only got the blue bird. LOVE my new camera!!!!

 All done...........

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