Sunday, April 1, 2012

We had a nice hike!

It was cold this morning. Cold enough to freeze the water in the hose. When I turned it on it came shooting out in hose formed ice!!!

We hiked with my friend Laura and her two dogs. That made five dogs and three of them being around 13 and older. Colby and Lu, her yellow lab, are both 13 1/2 and Roscoe could be 14 or older. We went slow for the geriatrics, but they all did great. Colby sported her new green coat.

I like this shot of Laura and her girls..........(notice who is peeking in???)

Rich and Laura discuss world peace? Maybe it wasn't such an important discussion, maybe they were just saying how nice a day it was or if that really was Rich's down jacket in that little ball he is holding. (It WAS!!! He rolled it into it's pocket nice and neat!!!)

I think Spur looks furrier?

He sure seems FURRY!!!

Roscoe's ears just seem cuter as he ages. Why is that? They just seem to flop along, and look cute and silly

I like this shot, also, of Laura and Lu.....

The trails were nice and dry. It made for a lovely hike!!!

There are those ears again.........

Colby enjoyed the light. The leaves have not opened up, yet, so plenty of light in the woods for her to see. She did great!!It was a very fun hike!!!

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