Friday, April 27, 2012

iPad update

So, I went to make a movie of my homework and iMovie would not work. I tried to install it again, but the app store site told me I needed to upgrade my iPad. OK, no problem. Except that my computer doesn't have enough space to back up my iPad. It's THAT old. Rich says time for a new computer for me. OI. I know how that goes. It takes days for me to get used to new technology. Anyway, good man that he is took my iPad and backed it up on HIS system. YAY! So, then I had to get iMovie installed again. This took all of two glasses of wine and,........well.........a LOT of whining. LOL!! I have ZERO patience with this stuff. Anyway, finally got it all settled except that I still don't have all my apps, for some reason. ???? Made my movie. This is our session from yesterday. We are working on fast entries into the weaves and "soft" sided entries from a distance. Using the straight tunnel to weaves to straight tunnel gave us the speed and he did great. And the soft sided entries then were perfect. They haven't been. But, yesterday......perfect. Good little man! Now I need to move my dog walk so I can set up some of the other home work this weekend. That's always a big project, moving the dog walk. But, it's time. It has been in this spot since last fall. Time to move it and change things up some.

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