Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did our homework today

I started with sends/wraps to his DW because that always makes him happy and I think is a good warm up for him. However, I moved my DW closer to the edge of my yard by the brush and for the wraps to the right, towards the brush, he wanted to go the other direction. I just hung in there with him and insisted. I know I don’t have his wraps as directionals, but he should read my body language, right? I think it was just the pressure of going towards the brush? Good news is I timed his DW and it is just getting faster and faster!!! He has even done one at 1.75 seconds, which is very fast for little Spur. That one his striding was 2, 2, 3 hits, which is minus one hit for his usual and he did a nice, deep hit on the contact, good little guy!!! He is still missing some on occasion as I am almost always setting him up into nothing since that is his hard way, but I think that is just part of him figuring out his new speed!! Before moving it he was getting it 100%. The serps went well, I think he really seems to like those. I didn’t support the jump after the blue tunnel so he went by it, but the next time I supported it he got it. I know my wrap cues are late again, damn it!! When I am in time he is so tight. This is sure harder for ME than it is for him!!! (Oi, my voice!! Eeek!!! It seems out of my control as I am completely tone deaf and don’t hear the pitch until I hear it on video.) The sequence went pretty well, too, I think? His starts are not as fast, but he still looks pretty happy? I don’t support jump 8 the first time at all, but good little monkey just gets it!!! I found the sequence hard for me and I hear my voice just gets higher and higher and I don’t know how he can stand it, LOL!!! I guess he is used to it!

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