Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love his attitude at the start!!

His start was pretty good. Still not quite with ears up, but close! The teeter as second obstacle wasn't his favorite way to start a course and he takes the off course tunnel after as his own little reward!!! Then coming over the a-frame he misses that jump because, I think, he doesn't want to have to do that stupid teeter again. I just make no big deal, as I rarely re-do things with him.

This was a pretty fast course for him. 38+ seconds. I think the fastest dogs did it in like 32, but who's counting!!!! Sub-40 standards are nice, although this didn't have the dreaded time sucking table since it was Grand Prix.

After this run we saw a top competitor and seminar person who once said to me after a run over a year ago......"He looked good, but I saw some errors". This as I was SO happy with our run and giving him his "good boy" cookies!! Who does that, who says that???? I was SO pissed and will never forgive her that stupid comment.........this time she was only nice and said he looks GREAT! I almost croaked out......"What about the errors?", but I didn't.

I also saw someone who saw him at a seminar 1 1/2 years ago when he was SO down and things were really bad. She was all pumped about how happy he looked. It felt great to talk to her because that was a horrible seminar and I seriously thought about quitting with him, again. To see him now barking at the start line is really awesome!!!!

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