Wednesday, April 18, 2012

These little things need some rain!

Yesterday it was 80 here!!! And windy, and...........DRY. I watered some of my perennial beds. I found aphids on my sedum. Oi!!!!

I set up my patio chairs and cushions and umbrella. Then decided it was so nice and warm I would bathe the dogs.

It's been a while and they are due for their tick treatment soon. I like to apply it about 4-5 days after a bath because the product works better by sticking to the oils in the skin. And little Colby seems to have a very dry patch of skin at the back of her neck. Was it from the Advantix? Maybe. So, she got a soothing bath with Selsun Blue. She tends to have very dry skin. Bathing her loosens up all the dead hairs and she dumps a TON of hair after a bath. Far more than the other dogs. Then she has little bits of dandruff as the hair falls off it takes a tiny bit of skin with it. In a day or two she will look normal again. I rub her down with a soft rubber grooma tool to massage her skin.

Spur looks SO soft and fluffy and I "blow dry" him by tossing his ball. Of course, I had just mowed the lawn so his tiny white toes are now a little green, but whatevahhhhhhh..............he's clean. With this dry weather his paws are constantly "dusty" and the dry dirt seems to stick more. Mud brushes off. Dust seems to stick.

Roscoe never looks any different after a bath. He is a very clean dog. And doesn't have much hair, so he hardly sheds much at all.

Last night it was so windy my umbrella and table blew over. DAMN IT!!!! My table is on it's "last legs" already. The umbrella, too. Looking pretty rugged these days, so a few more times blowing over and they are toast. MUST remember to roll down the umbrella during windy days/nights. That never used to happen!!! We never used to have wind like we are having these last few years. I HATE the wind!!!! HATE, HATE, HATE it! I bet the farm lost a bunch of topsoil in that wind last night. HATE THE WIND!

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