Monday, April 23, 2012

OK, I am going to try again posting a video. Blogger has changed the posting setting and is telling me I need a new browser. I tried loading Google Chrome and hated it, so I dumped it. Anyone have any suggestions on a better browser? I am using Internet Explorer and was perfectly happy with it. When ever I change anything on my dinosaur computer things get all messed up. Now, after loading then deleting Google Chrome I can't click on any link that comes into my inbox. WTF????? I HATE computers!! OK, I love them, but they seriously make me insane sometimes. So, anyway, trying again with a video here. This was our standard runrom yesterday. You can't see it, but his start was really nice. He isn't super fast, 3.60 yard/second, which is respectable but he leaves the start line with some good speed and that's key!! I almost think his ears were up on his restrained start? Our fastest time in standard and our goal right now is 4 YPS. Still, he looks pretty happy and did great!

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