Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Spur homework from the weekend

Saturday it didn't go so well. I mean, really, he looks pretty good, but I know he was a little bummed about it. It felt like we went backward in his motivation and that's hard. Here is our first submission for the sends and wraps. It sure showed me that he doesn't know that "wrap" means send. Which shouldn't be so surprising, I am always there for him. He thinks it means turn tight NOW, but not that the jump is that important.

The Pin Heads were out for this one and notice after the first time they all get rewarded for doing something. Colby just does her "flat" and Roscoe does his "frog" (see his back legs flatten out?? SO cute!!).

The next day I regroup and since we know he will send from like 30-40 feet to a jump to do his DW I decided to make sure to put that on cue so he hears "wrap, wrap, wrap" as he is taking that jump. It worked well getting him happier and mixing in his DW with the sends and wraps work!!! It is going to take some reps before he knows that "wrap" means GO take that jump and tightly. He understands tight, not much trouble there, but sending to it, no. He doesn't get that, yet. I have some work to do on that to get understanding on that verbal. Mixing in his DW really helps keep his motivation and drive up, so that's my homework this week. :D

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