Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am trying to clean my house

I did some laundry, too. Washed Roscoe's fleece from his crate, it's white and has paw prints on it and I got it at Home Goods. Apparently, there are fleece and there are fleece. This fleece is cheap and one washing has it falling apart!! I ended up with fleece "bunnies" on all my wool socks. I shaved my socks.

And you thought those sweater shavers were a gimmick? Nah. They work and they work really well!! Especially when you wash a cheap fleece throw with pretty Smart Wool socks. Shit, those socks are EXPENSIVE and were a gift from a friend. I love those socks and they looked pretty crappy after washing with a cheap fleece from Home Goods.

Now I need to empty it and do the other sock! And you thought I had an interesting life!? Really, I am always amazed when I hear people read this blog. My life isn't THAT interesting. I shave socks!

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