Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It is really dry

April showers bring May flowers, but without any showers, what will we have? More brown? The grasses and brush are THIRSTY!!!! The farmer has already plugged up the irrigation pond. It's DRY!!!

This meadow should be bursting in green!

Especially the new grass Rich seeded last year. It's VERY thirty!!!

Spur digs for rodent caches in the dry grasses..........

Before our walks he does his daily teeter. I don't even ask him, he just charges up and does it all by himself!Then sometimes I ask again, if he wants. He always wants to do it at home.
He doesn't look too stressed about it.......at home.
I change the weight, I change tipping point, I have metal things on the underside for clanging noises. It's NOISY.
He looks pretty relaxed. Sure wish I could get that expression at a trial.His home teeter is safe. It's his home teeter. I can't surprise him any more on this one. May be time to go do some teeter parties at some friend's houses again. He will always worry about trial teeter, I think.

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