Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great weather means too busy to post on my blog, LOL!

And my grass is growing and I need to mow and weed and introduce the horses to the grass and wash windows.........spring is HERE and in full force. And that just means life takes on a whole new dimension. I REALLY need to put out a spring newsletter and maybe this weekend if it isn't too nice out I can get that done. But, then I think........why??? I am FAR too busy and SURE do NOT need extra jobs. I know my clients love my newsletter, so keeping up with it seems important, but it sure is not because I need to market myself. I had to decline a job for a 16 week basenji puppy yesterday. That stinks. That is an unusual breed and would be fun to get to know that pup. I just don't have the time slots she needs. Sigh..........had to refer to another dog walker. Life is good, though. Life for me is very charmed. I feel like I am sometimes the luckiest person alive!!!! How did that happen??? I wish everyone had such a charmed life and felt so good every day, but many do not. Life is hard for many people and I wish I could change that. We can't change the world, but I hope that I can learn to be a nicer person and less judgemental. That's my nature and I have had to work hard to stop being that way. Raised by farmers who are critical of the masses it is ingrained in me. I can be very critical. Life IS hard and everyone has their own struggles and I sure try to keep an open mind. Stop and enjoy the flowers on this beautiful day and when things get hard try to think of how hard it really is for others. Some people in the world have to walk for miles every day just for fresh drinking water. We are blessed here in this part of the world. We all live charmed lives around here, we just have to open our eyes and see the beauty and clear our heads. Unclog your minds and enjoy this incredible spring!!!

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