Saturday, April 21, 2012

Latest homework submission for Spur's class

My friend came over with her dutch shepherd the other day to do some agility. I showed her what I was working on and helped her do some of the exercises with her dog. She did GREAT, but in the middle of our work out come my two barn cats. WHAT THE HELL were they THINKING???? OK, so Sophie lives with a cat and is a good dog, but still this is a shepherd type dog, NOT familiar to my cats. I just don't get why they had to make an appearance??? BOTH of them did this!!! Poor Sophie worked through the distractions, but goodness I wanted to lock them up in the basement, BAD CATS!!!!

Spur did great, we have been on break the last two weeks. I am afraid I am not much better at getting my cues out any sooner, but at least his restrained starts look better!!! I have weaned him off the harness and can now lift him some and he's not looking all bummed out about that. YAY!!!!

His DW looks better, too. We do have the occasional miss, but we are working into nothing again, so that is his hard spot.

What I need to do is the sends to the jump before the DW first, I am MUCH better about getting my cues out early there. Then go to the jumps sequence and see if that helps me to practice early cues. OI! Such a simple exercise and yet so hard!!!!

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  1. Ugh, blogger has changed things and I can't figure it out. DAMN IT!

  2. You can still see the video by clicking the link.
    He looks so happy!