Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wow, more class homework

Tomorrow starts a two week break from class. PHEW!! I feel like she gives us a VERY LOT of homework. I am behind and, yet, I feel like I work hard to keep up. But, the good news is Spur seems to really enjoy the work. He isn't bumming out too much and I know if I can get him as happy doing this sort of work as he is running his DW I will have accomplished a HUGE feat!!! Our start lines have been a BIG struggle and I am slowly seeing improvement. And the twisty, turny starts we are seeing more of also bum him out. So, we are working hard at getting this stuff to be really motivating and fun for him. Here is our latest.

Last night at class we set up the AKC Challenger’s round.
In case you are interested……

Spur had some trouble on the first three jumps, as I would expect. This is the type of start that would demotivate him and we sure are determined to work through this and make this stuff FUN for him!!!.:D His starts are still a work in progress and I am celebrating the occasional ears up. At class, though, no ears up until we had done this a couple times. You will see his very first attempt, down to a trot. I am SO bad with cues and don’t even use my “wrap” cue, damn it!! This is as much a struggle for ME!!! LOL!!

Anyway, the second time I run him the way I would chose to, but ultimately I doubt the fastest route as most people ran this with the wrap. Then I go back and do the wrap again and we practiced it a few times and it’s better and I get my proper cue out!! YAY!
Then today at home I set up the same thing and he NAILS it NICELY with good speed and ears up!! You will even hear him barking at me at the start on one attempt!!! SUPER SPUR!!!

I then tried the first part of the class sequence. I tried really hard to lower my flapping arm and be smoother and calmer, but I have to think so hard that maybe he’s better if I just flap and be who I am, LOL!! When I think too hard I seem to only manage ONE cue, but he did fine I think? Amazing how hard this simple stuff is for us!! We took a break and went for a hike.

Then we did his wraps before the DW and you can see, after his one time pulling off (I started him from a tunnel which was different for him!), he does great with good speed! He sure LOVES his DW!

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