Monday, April 9, 2012

Am I just getting old or am I busier than ever?

Both. Yesterday at the trial someone I don't even know passed me in the parking lot and said......."Nice grey highlights in your hair!!!". OMG!!!! Who says that to someone????

I have no photos or videos to post. How sorry is that? We had company Friday night, then I trialed over the weekend and even though Rich was here and that made it SO much easier as he took care of the Pin Heads and horses it sure was a long weekend.

The trial was the Lhasa club's trial. Lhasa's do agility?? LOL!! Yep, there was ONE there. Maybe there were more, but I only saw one. The club isn't very big. Like two members? Seriously, I don't even know, but they have VERY little help, so the trail didn't run that smoothly. PLUS, the judge was on "review", which means the head of AKC agility was there over-seeing her. OH MY FUCKING GOD, that was painful. I know, that has to happen I guess with every judge, but it's NOT fun for a competitor at a trial with a club that has very few members. Even though it went little to big I didn't run jumpers until nearly 5:00. Those poor Novice folks didn't get out of there until 7:30. That's HORRIBLE.

But, Spur ran pretty well and double Q'd both days with respectable runs. Standard on Saturday was actually pretty awesome. Our start was NOT and we bobbled the third jump. Or I did, as I seem to have a mental breakdown on the start of our courses and don't cue anything for poor little Spur. But, we recovered and THEN ran one exciting course!!!!! I decided to run the outside line of a section NO one else would have thought to run and no one else did. It was definitely the best choice for Spur and worked AWESOME and the crowd oooh and aaaahhhed and applauded like CRAZY!!!! Very fun and Spur had a ball!!!! Barking like a maniac as we left the ring and it felt GREAT!!!!

No video, the one time someone videoed it didn't work. It's hard finding folks to video. My "regulars" were not in attendance.

So, it was basically a good trial. Our starts still suck and cost us several seconds we really need to make up and fix. We are simply in a pattern that is going to take some time to get out of. There were nice flowy straight starts and still he was kind of pokey.

However, I had so many comments on how fast he is and my only thought is that we LOOK fast because I chose the longest path for ME and I run really well and fast. So, we LOOK faster than we really are. We were between 4-6 seconds slower than Sparkle (last year's National Champion). However, I KNOW he enjoys it and has fun. He drags me into the building. :D THAT makes it all worth it and he finishes his run barking and looking REALLy proud of himself. I know it's hard at times for him and we have our meltdowns and weenie moments out there, but we recover and have moments of brilliance!!! It's just a matter of getting those little areas cleaned up and "fixed" and we WILL get that going, but it may take us a while. As with all things Spur, he needs a LOT of time. I have time. I have time to commit to such an awesome partner. :D I love him, LOTS!!!! He deserves all the time he needs!!!!

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