Monday, June 6, 2011

Trial report!

First - Laure, Lance and Vito!! I can't seem to post a comment in MY comment section replying to your comment. How dumb is that??? Anyway, um......nope, no stride regulators for The Spur Man. That could just be the thing to never get him on the dog walk again, LOL!! I probably could work them slowly with a plank, but no, I'll work through this. He was SPOT ON this weekend with his dog walks. PERFECT, low hits. Not super fast, though.

Saturday's first class was Novice FAST. He got the bonus, but then the scribe removed it. Judge doesn't know why, says she doesn't remember even though it was only 20 minutes earlier and he is one of only TWO mix breed dogs at this AKC trial. Doi. I didn't argue. He knocked the triple and that kind of bummed him out. Like all weekend bummed, but he pulled it together to Q in all is other runs.

Good little man finally got that last Open Standard leg with a lovely run. Not super fast, he was still thinking of that knocked triple. **Not to self, do some triples at home on occasion.

He won his Excellent Standard saturday, but that was the A division, so not much competition. Sunday I thought he might run faster, but not really. He was good, but not as fast as he was at the NEAT trial a few weekend's ago. Still thinking about that triple? Perhaps. He Q'ed and ended up second in JWW and that was the B division. But, the super fast dogs all NQ'd. It was a HARD course. He was not super fast, but he ran it nicely and confidently.

Roscoe was only entered Saturday. He was a mess. Not at all into it and I pulled him out half way through the course. He just doesn't want to do it outside, plain and simple. He does fine at home and at class, but not at a trial. It's just not something his mind can wrap around. Darn. I hate seeing him that way.

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  1. ahh, I forgot how special little Spur is! No stride regulators make sense :)

    Congrats on the great runs with him even if he wasn't super speedy. An a new title!