Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love that we live among the wildlife!

How many tail-less foxes can there be? This little guy/gal must be the same one I saw last year. I thought at first it was a stray corgi, LOL!!! It looks a little mangy, but not bad, and certainly plenty plump. Of course, that could be because it is a she and is pregnant. :P

I feel for the wildlife at times. It is a hard life. I can't imagine the ticks, the fleas and mange and the worry.
I do worry about the wildlife. We have the feral cats in the barn. Our dogs are pretty LITTLE. But, we live in a place that is SO awesome. Sharing it with tail-less foxes and deer and birds and last night what seemed like thousands of fire flies!!! :D
It is a wonderful, complicated, complete world out there and I love it all. I know many people who would be angry with the foxes, so many cats around here go missing. But, I believe we all have a place in the world and I appreciate seeing the animals right here in my back yard. My cats seem remarkably savvy. Heck, old man Zeus is pushing 20!!!! Why hasn't he been taken by a fox or coyote. He's savvy, that's all I can think. Don't mess with Zeus, he'll put up too much of a fight. Or he smells like death? I don't know, but he lives among the dangers like this tail-less plump (pregnant?) fox.

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