Sunday, June 26, 2011

AKC trial repot!

Wow, what a soggy weekend! But, today was LOVELY! Friday was just plain soggy. I scratched Roscoe. He ain't happy in the rain. Spur, he did fine and Q'd in all three runs. Good little Monkey Pants! He placed second in Jumpers only to a dog who is trying out for the World Team. That felt good!

He finished his Excellent A title, so from now on we work on double Q's and lots of points. Yay!! He's a "big" boy now!!!

His standard from today. Nice dog walk Spur-minator. Still not as fast as in practice, but sure has nice deep hit striding right through his contact. He knows his job!

His Open FAST which he didn't get. It was tunnel to weaves and I should have stayed back a little. Still, look how happy he was!! YAY!!! To think he was such a stress case I almost quit with him. Happy boy say his fan Mary at the score table and decided to show off!!! :D He LOVES his fans!!!

His jumpers from today. A little slow off the start, but then he runs pretty well. Good boy!!!! Placed third! Again, only to the World Team potential dog and a dog on his way to the Invitational, so that was not a bad run!!! :D

Roscoe ran one run yesterday and today. Yesterday he looked AWESOME, but took an off course tunnel. Today, a little pokey and down and he missed his weave entry. So unlike him, but outdoors is just not his think. Next weekend, two days indoors. I hope he feels happier.


  1. What nice runs from Spur! Congrats on your new title!!!

  2. Nice contact Spur! He looks like a little spec in my videos. I have to practice zooming with your camera . . .