Friday, June 10, 2011

Just an amazing story!!

My mom has a big elm tree in her front yard. Some barred owls have nested there in previous years. This year there have been some issues. An owlet fell out a few weeks ago. She was told to take it to Bar Harbor as it might have a broken leg. Well, it was walking on it's legs, so she was sure they were not broken. My friend Laura suggested contacting Avian Haven. Well, their site said if the bird is in good shape, simply return it to the nest.

That was fine, but it fell out again. This time it didn't look good. She put it back, but it came out....... again. She called Avian Haven and they sent an "ambulance" to come get it. Turns out it broke it's wing, probably on the first fall and was really in rough shape. But, they have been feeding it and another barred owlet about the same age was recently brought in and the two snuggle and soon will go with the surrogate barred owl parents they have that have raised many owlets over the years. Just amazing!!! They think it should be able to recover and be released. So cool!!

Anyway, there is more to this story..........ANOTHER one fell out. This time mom said it was big and FIERCE! She left it there and called Avian Haven again. They instructed her to cover it with a towel and use heavy gloves and put it in a box until Mike got home. Then again cover it and use heavy gloves and hold it's feet (talons!!!) between your fingers and spread it's wings to look for bruising. It looked fine and she said the wing span was more than two feet!! It looked good, so the instructions were to take a laundry basket and fill it with pine needles. Then tie the basket to the tree near the hole. But, be sure to wear a hard hat and goggles (since you are only born with two eyes and want to keep them!!! Seriously, they said that to her!!) and then put the owlet in a paper bag so it doesn't screech and attract the parents. Then gently put it in the basket.

They did that!!! And we are now getting updates!! She sees and hears the parents tending to it and it sometimes comes out and she has photos!! It is SO cool!!!! -

This was the next day after putting it in the basket. You can just barely see it's head looking over the left side of the basket and if you look REALLY carefull you can see another owl/owlet in the hole above it (maybe click on the photo and it will enlarge?).....
These were taken today. .........So, if you are driving down the road and see a laundry basket attached to someones tree, don't worry they are not loony. They are tending to an owlet!!!! :D

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