Thursday, June 2, 2011

I wonder if it says PITA on my file?

I love my vet. She and I go way back. She was the best vet I ever worked with. She used my technical abilities to the fullest. She knew how to train a tech and make use of one. She and I were a good team. She could send an animal back with instructions on procedures and know I would follow instructions and get it done. Why did I quit? Her asshole husband who had a hand in everything there. I couldn't take it any more. Plus, the clients could be such idiots and my tolerance for that got less and less and I was getting burned out. I miss it, though. I miss the mental challenge and helping the animals.

Anyway, when I call for an appointment I say..."I need and appointment with Dr. Bond, please". Clear as can be. I see only her. I don't know the other vets there well enough and MY vet knows my dogs and knows my skills and together we manage Roscoe well and with reasonable comfort.

Made the appointment. Got a call from Randi later that day asking if I really wanted an appointment with Dr. Bond, because my appointment was with the other vet. HUH??? I clearly stated my wishes. This happened last year and I showed up and stupidly said to the vet who walked in....."Oh, hi, what are you doing here?". Embarrassing as stuff like that just comes out of my mouth, but whatever, I spend a lot of money there I want to see MY vet only. So, this year I should have doubled checked with the idiot receptionist. That's my biggest complaint with the office. THE IDIOT OFFICE HELP!!! OMG, they are horrible. And changing all the time. It is the clinic's worse feature. They can not get good office help and keep them. I don't know why, but it has ALWAYS been an issue and it makes me nuts.

Thank's for Randi. She's a friend, I know her from outside the clinic, and she took care of it and we made a new appointment. I have no patience for such silly things. It doesn't seem like Rocket Science here. Listen to the client on the phone and do what you are supposed to do.

Rich asked me one time why I didn't teach dog classes. I said because the general public would not be happy with my style. "Do it right, dumb ass!!".

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