Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A chipmunk in his mouth?

I was talking to my friend, a jeweler at the dog show on Saturday. She is a horse friend and boards a few horses at her place. That day the vet was coming for shots and to float teeth and one of the boarders was going to be there for that. She got a call while we were chatting that when the vet went to float the big draft/gypsy cross he found a dead chipmunk in it's mouth. WHAT??????

Yep, you read that right. They are thinking perhaps it drowned in the water trough and the horse sucked it up? And then couldn't get it out? Rodents do drown in water buckets sometimes, but this was hard to believe. But, it is a true story!!! That sure has to be a new one for that vet. ICK!!! And the poor horse? I wonder how long it had been in there???? Oh nasty, nasty, nasty! You might think the horse would have been shaking it's head trying to dislodge the thing. ??????

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