Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lo's International seminar!

Yesterday I went to Lo's for her International seminar. We worked on back sides, pull throughs, twisty turning courses. I ran Roscoe most of the day and he LOVED it!! He did great!!!! It was his day, but at 12 years old (or older for all we know) he got tired. It got hot in the afternoon. So, I pulled out Spur.

Spur did a few dog walk sessions that were interesting. I have one on film. Notice his slow first run, getting used to the equipment. He needs tons of time before he will be comfortable on different equipment, so I am trying to get him on as many dog walks as possible.

This session was interesting. He nailed everyone heading into the agility field. Going the other direction with NOTHING in front of the dog walk except a HUGE open field that slopes down he had some leaps. But, notice after each leap he got it nicely the next time. Good little monkey pants learns well from absence of reward. He will never see a huge open field after the dog walk in an agility trial, so that was not really fair to set up for him. Still, he learned from the session! :D

On the way home we got caught in a major hail storm. It was NUTS!! I was scared and the dogs were, too. I was horrified that my new car would end up with dents all over it. I mean, Muffin Heads, it was BIG hail!! I think it came through OK. I see one small dent on the hood, but that's it. Amazing, really, it sounded like we were being pelted by golf balls!!! They said it was quarter size hail. It was SO loud!!!! We had to pull over and then I was worried about tree limps crashing on us. Yikes!!!!

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