Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 12th birthday Miss Colby Carlson!!

She has been the nicest, sweetest, easiest dog we have ever had here!! No doubt, Rich's favorite!! :D

Born in a puppymill in MI, shipped to a RI pet store, bought by a college kid. He wasn't bad to her, but he got back to college and couldn't handle her energy level. She is one major terrier, hunting constantly and she needed a LOT of exercise for a tiny dog.

She was my first agility competition dog and took us all the way to the AKC Invitational in Long Beach CA. She hopped on a jet plane with us, it was AWESOME!!!

She has her MACH and a CD and is trained through utility and loves that routine (I will not put her in out of sight stays, though), and does lots of cool tricks. She has been through Mast cell cancer surgery, lyme disease which took two years to cure, knee surgery and recently her eye removal. She has been on expensive little dog!!

At night Rich tucks her in between us and covers her with the throw. She is spoiled beyond spoiled and we love her very much!!!

Today she got a big beef neck bone to chew on and spent her morning hunting the snake in the rock wall. She will work that wall all day, if I let her. She had grilled chicken for dinner.

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