Thursday, June 16, 2011

Look what I just got!!!!

We got tired of the $100/week in gas for the truck and the weather just hasn't been great for scootering. Well, today was. Anyway, our plan is to sell the truck and get a "beater" for the few times we need a truck. It just isn't smart for me to drive a truck. So, after many trials and some pretty nasty auto dealers, we got THIS.............

Already jammed in my crates and shit! It has remarkable room for a car whose seats do not fold flat. What is up with that???? It would be so much nicer if they folded flat, but because it is so roomy the crates fit pretty well!! I may end up getting Colby a slightly smaller wire crate as she really doesn't need such a big on.

This is Colby's crate and she doesn't need such a big one.

The Cube! It gets about 32 mpg on the highway and about 29 around town. Consumer reports RAVED about it's comfy seat and with my butt/hip/leg issue I NEED a comfy seat. The seat is like memory foam. All the reviews mentioned it's comfortable seat. I sat in so many economy cars whose seat was SO hard and SO uncomfortable. Why can't they make a comfy SEAT!!!!

I wanted the red, but our choices were limited. There are not many around because of the tsumani. White is fine, I would never have done black. I just need to get some stickers to put on the windows to "color" it up, some!!! The first sticker will be "RUN FAST, Bark Loud". LOL!!

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