Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just some more running dog walk work

At home he is faster and it's causing some different striding. That's running dog walk speak for leaps. "Different striding". He is wanting to do a two strided down and he can't do that! His most comfortable is a three strided down.

See -

I am going to see if I can work through this before running to Silvia for help. Hopefully, we can work it out. He does know his job, I am sure of that, but it is a fine line with running dog walks!

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  1. I know something who had a similar problem with her sheltie. The dog had beautiful running contacts in practice and trials until she suddenly didn't. In a trial the dog's strides became longer since it was more excited and she was omitting a stride. It ended up being a choice of either forcing that collection or forcing extension of 6in each stride. She decided that it would be hard to get that collection in the excitement of a trial and ended up using stride regulators to slightly extend each stride. Worked and the dog is again running gorgeously.

    I'm not sure if this something you want to do but the story popped in my head. Running contacts are so complicated.