Monday, January 16, 2012

Yay, the cold spell is over

This was after the snow fall. They rolled and rolled and rolled and ran around and bucked and carried on. So, she was wet from that. I think this photo shows her in fine condition. Plenty of fat on her now! :D She really isn't sickle hocked, she just looks that way in these. There is a slope in the lean-to that makes her stand like that. And being an Arab she does have an extra short back.

The cold and the snow present a whole different scene for poor little Colby. With only one eye, suffering from retinal atrophy, she just can't see well in the glare of the snow. So, she hasn't been on a walk for any length since this snow arrived. Damn it. She is pictured here snuggled next to the woodstove and basking in the sun. -4 degrees out this morning, so NO one had a morning walk.
Spur managed to get out this afternoon on the snowmobile trails. And he managed to run on top of the crust, but that is always scary. A break through could really hurt him. He did once and must have whacked his mouth, but he recovered and was more careful after that.
My barn kitties never left their beds for two days. I warm up "Snuggle Safe" disks in the microwave and put them under their beds every 8 hours or so. They LOVE those. Amazing little things that keep their beds warm in frigid weather. I can put them there before bed and in the morning they still have some warmth!!!

I am always SO thankful for my hot water in the barn this time of year. The horses really love warmed water. And it keeps the water from freezing solid over night even at -4 degrees!! :D Today nearly 25 and tomorrow in the 30's. Then Thursday they are saying in the 40's. I'm OK with that!!!

We are working on our tricks. The Pin Heads need to DO something, so we are working on tricks. The ONE good thing about winter and cold. We do more trick training and they are SO fun to train. Roscoe is INSANE!!! I am going to try to teach him to catch a toy and hold it. The hardest part might be teaching him to sit up and be still. Being still for ANYTHING isn't his favorite trick. LOL!!!!

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