Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am an idiot!

Yeah, you read that right.

Poor Roscoe. Here I am convinced he has a bulging disk only higher up than Colby had. He looks that way. Sore neck, shoulder area. Doing similar things that Colby did. (BTW - She is MUCH better!!!) Hesitant to bring him to the vet and hoping it's just sore muscles. He's old, he does crazy things, he gets sore. NO!! He has LYME!!!!

Geesus, what an idiot. I ALWAYS tell people with a lame dog in Cape Elizabeth Maine to TEST FOR LYME FIRST THING. Do I????? Poor little guy has probably been lyme positive now for over a month. What WAS I thinking??? He has had two doses of doxy and already looks better.

Maybe he can get back to doing some tricks and play time agility and even going on hikes before we get snow. Oi!! What WAS I thinking? Or NOT thinking!!!!!

Managed to load my videos from my iPad to youtube. I am SO technosavvy these days and pretty darn proud of that. Hahahaha!!!! Now I just need to figure out how to type well on the new iPad keyboard I got. That's muscle memory. I know.......Daisy Peel would get all snippy and say "muscles don't have memories, brains have memories and they are in your skull, just like your dog!!!". Oi, she is so unpleasant sometimes. Um........just to clue you in Miss Daisy, that's just an EXPRESSION!!!! When she said a dog was "flying" I wanted to say......"dogs don't have wings, birds have wings". I chickened out.

It's SO cool how I walk out all relaxed and not trying to make him stay connected to me, hardly even looking at him and what is he doing??? Barking at me!!! LOVE that. I don't even have to ask him and he's barking at me!!!!

These were good starts to practice my new start line. Tunnel starts are happy starts, usually.

Notice in this standard he misses the jump after the table. I should have put in a front cross maybe? I know, very hard for YOU to see it was not zoomed in, but whatever. He missed it I think because he knew/could feel I wasn't all that happy about him not going down on his table. I try not to get all stressy about it at trials and just carry on. But, that's very hard to do. I am not an actress. I know he feels everything. Why he didn't go down on his table? Maybe he was still thinking about his teeter two obstacles before? I don't know. The table is an issue for us. I need to try something new in training it. He's not even that fast going down at home, so it will not be fast at trials. Must figure that one out.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about Roscoe :(
    Spur is looking good though. I'm glad he had a good time at the startline!