Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun trial and our starts were good!

I wouldn't say we are there, yet, but of course WAY too early. However, I sure FELT better. I walked out all relaxed and not caring if he sniffed or looked away at the ring crew or whatever. Funny thing was he started to bark at me. Hahahaha, like........."Hey!! You are not the tense, nervous nelly I remember!! You're all relaxed!!!!!!!" LOL!!!

I made a little video. Shows our threadle work and then a pin wheel start. One of our least favorite starts. Not really how it would be in a trial, but sort of. That first turn would be a major bummer for him at a trial. This weekend's starts were all straight lines, which he loves.

I put Saturday's jumpers start in this video. Haven't loaded the other runs, yet.

He double Q'd Saturday with some really nice runs. Not super duper fast, but fast enough!!!! And I felt really good. Relaxed and pleased with our work. NICE fast table, maybe only one second to his down on Saturday. Sunday, nope.......not even an attempt to go down on the table. It was second obstacle after the teeter and I think that was the issue. I don't know. Our table needs work. We NQ'd that run because he could feel it was wrong and then even though I cued the next jump, he missed it. Still, all in all it was a very nice run. I'll load videos later. He got second in jumpers on a course that ate up most everyone else. Very few people ran it clean. He did GREAT!!!! Feeling a LOT better about everything, but our table!

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  1. That is awesome! He look like he really loves his tunnel-ball. The jumpers start looks just as good too!