Friday, January 13, 2012

Damn snow!

Are we going to have to resort to this?......... Poor Roscoe! He's just starting to feel better with the doxy for his lyme. Now we have 10" of snow to deal with. CRAP!!!

Gone are THESE days for a while, I think. Racing through the clear, snow free woods and climbing on rocks and logs......

And Spur flying around the open fields with George on his heels. Hahaha, LOVE this photo!!!........
I was trying to free up hard disk space. Not sure why I need to, last I knew I had a TON, so it's odd but when I tried to sync my iPad it had trouble because of "not enough disk space". What???? Must get tech help soon. But, it was good to clean up and delete old photos I don't need. Found this one........... It reminds me of Robert Vavra photos. Did I just compare myself to Robert Vavra????? NO, I am just saying it reminds me of his photos. He is master of making his subjects the ONLY thing in focus, with everything around a blur. Me? I make the WRONG thing in focus and my subject a blur. Oh well, it's still kind of a cool photo. Nice to see the grass green and tall and clear. Spur looks very serious and he is, he is hunting rodents. Serious work, for sure!!

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