Friday, January 6, 2012


A time for couch lounging, right? Yep, the dogs are bored, BUT without any snow we are managing to get out and walk almost as much as usual. I am LOVING the lack of snow. But, the dogs are a little bored. I have been SO busy lately we haven't done any trick training. I have gotten Spur out doing some agility, though, and even set up my tunnel with my little sand bags yesterday instead of putting it away. What's it doing this morning? Snowing!!! Crap! Hopefully just a dusting.
I was going to wait longer for updated photos of Jewel, but I couldn't help myself. I think it's so funny how these photos are all on the same day and she looks so different. The first two are the same side/angle pretty much. Amazing how the sunlight can alter appearance. She looks brighter and healthier and less ribby in the sun.

And this angle makes her look........well..........dull and pregnant and ribby. I had just taken her night time blanket off, so her coat was smushed down and dandruffy. The blanket kind of packs the dust down into her coat. I hate blanketing, but she is an Arab, a desert horse and doesn't grow a thick coat. Compared to Jazz and Precious who grow two inches of coat!!!!
It's been one month since the vet was here telling me she was WAY too thin. I think she's fine. Winter is boring and fattening to my horses. We don't get enough frigid air here along the coast to make it hard on them, but with no grass to eat they are bored and eat really good hay all day. That makes for fat horses. So many people worry about their horses getting thin in the winter. Not mine. I was actually happy with Jewel's weight before, but here we are plumping her up so I don't get raised eyebrows from the vet. Geez!!!! Now I am worried she will keep this gaining and get TOO fat again!!! Damn it!!!!

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